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Vanish these 5 hard to remove stains from your couch!

The couch or sofa is, more often than not, the centerpiece of whichever room it’s in. It’s also one of the more heavily used pieces of furniture in the house: Whether you spend your time cozying it up and catching up on the latest streaming hit or having some friends over for coffee, it’s an easy bet that your couch will see some use. Unfortunately, this means that it’ll probably get one of these hard to remove stains from time to time.

While vacuuming your furniture regularly and deep-cleaning them once in a while will keep them good as new for years, domestic accidents such as spillage are a common occurrence. But, don’t despair! Here we’ll review 5 of the most stubborn types of stain and explain how to deal with them, and save your beloved couch.

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How can I remove chocolate from fibers?

Topping our list on hard to remove stains is chocolate. It’s difficult to deal with because improper handling of the stain will lead to an ever-growing smudge, and you may end up pushing the chocolate deep into the fabric.

To properly clean them, first scrape off as much chocolate as you can from the surface with a spoon or a dull knife (you don’t want to pierce the fabric!) and prepare a solution with 1 cup of tap water with a few drops of detergent. Wet a clean piece of cloth with the solution and tap gently into the stain. Remember: do not rub! It will make matters worse, so keep calm and work the stain patiently. Once the stain is gone, rinse the fabric with a new piece of cloth dipped in cold water. Lastly, let your couch air-dry before sitting on it. Voila!

How can I deal with coffee stains?

Liquids can easily penetrate fibers. Coffee, being such a popular drink, is a regular culprit when it comes to producing hard to remove stains.

Using a dry cloth, absorb as much of the spilled coffee as possible. Then, apply liquid detergent directly into the blot and scrub it with a clean cloth dipped in water. Avoid pressing too hard, as you don’t want large amounts of detergent getting trapped into the fibers or the couch’s stuffing. Rub patiently and, in a while, the stain should be gone. Rinse and let dry, and you are all set!

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How can I remove grease stains from the couch?

Potato chips and snacks are an essential part of any get-together that’s worth its salt. However, they bring along a fair amount of grease that will almost inevitably find its way from everyone’s fingers to your couch’s upholstery.

To deal with this hard to remove stain, lay a paper towel onto it and let it absorb as much of the excessive grease as possible. Afterward, spray the spot with clean water and then spray it with quite a generous amount of salt. The salt will lift and absorb most of the leftover grease, and you can easily remove it by vacuuming it up. You may want to complement this process by applying some commercial spot-cleaning product on the stain according to the instructions on the label. As always, let your couch air-dry completely before using it again.

How should I clean ketchup stains?

If you have any kids, and you like to celebrate birthday parties at home, you’ve probably had to deal with this one before. Everyone’s having a good time and all of a sudden the couch is left looking like a crime scene. The culprit: ketchup.

As with chocolate, start by removing any excessive ketchup with a dull knife and bring forth your solution of 1 cup of tap water and a few drops of detergent. Dip a clean towel into the solution and clean the stain with slow, gentle motions. If some coloration persists, try wiping the spot with a mixture of 1 teaspoon of ammonia in a half cup of water. Rinse with a clean towel and let dry.

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What’s the best way to remove ink stains?

Last on our list of hard to remove stains (but not necessarily the easiest one) are ink stains. Maybe some unattended school items, or a passionate artistic pursuit, can leave a permanent mark on your furniture if not treated with haste and care.

Speed is paramount: You’ll have a better chance of completely removing the stain if the ink is still wet. Take a clean cloth wet with rubbing alcohol and rub the area carefully, paying attention not to smudge it any further – we recommend working your way inward from the outer edges of the spot. Depending on the amount of ink spilled, you may need to change the cloth when needed. Repeat these steps until the stain is gone. The alcohol will evaporate on its own after a few seconds, so there’s no need to rinse the couch this time!

And that’s how you keep your couch free of these top 5 hard to remove stains! We hope that you find these tips and tricks useful. By the way, your carpets are susceptible to many of the same hardships that your couch is, but are easier to forget! Here you’ll find some advice to figure out how often you should clean your carpets to keep them clean and extend their lifetime.

If you find yourself needing a hand with this, or any other of your house cleaning duties, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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