Learn how to clean and disinfect your home with these items
Alejandra Zelaya

Alejandra Zelaya

How To Clean and Disinfect Your Home: Spot and remove germs!

A brief guide from Fresh Home Cleaning to help you learn how to clean and disinfect your home from common germs and bacteria.

Did you know that the average American home has about 400 different types of bacteria living in it? Yuck! While some of these bacteria are harmless, others can cause sickness. We all know that cleaning our home is important for a variety of reasons – one of which is to remove and control germs. But did you know there are specific ways to target germs in each area of your home?

Here’s a handy guide made by Fresh Home Cleaning on How to Clean and Disinfect your Home, so you can spot and remove germs!

Remove germs from your desk

Your home office must be pristine. We all know that not only do you work there, but you eat the occasional snack, and hygiene is usually lacking there. Don’t worry! We know that you have little time to take care of cleaning tasks, but in any case, it is important that you do it from time to time to avoid the accumulation of dirt and germs.

But did you know that the average desktop accumulates more than 400 types of bacteria? This is because you usually support your hand and your cell phone there, two things that accumulate more than 20 million bacteria. So give your home office some love and disinfect your desk once a week to keep it germ-free.

disinfecting the desk and laptop.
Your desk and computer are very prone to germs.

Yes, there are germs in your showerhead too

We know that this is not pleasant news for you, but unfortunately, you must deal with it. The accumulated dirt added to the humidity of this area makes it very prone and pleasant for germs. You must remove them immediately as they can contaminate the water and yourself!

You can prevent your showerhead from being a favorite spot for factories by placing a mixture of water and vinegar every night.

OMG are they in my bed too?

Body sweat, traces of creams and makeup, and perhaps not-so-clean feet, all make your bed a beautiful place for the accumulation of germs. A single night of sleep can fill your bedding with germs and bacteria. To remove germs, you should first wash your sheets once a week.

Please, disinfect your cutting boards

This is the unwanted truth: cutting boards are filled with germs. It has 200% more bacteria than the average toilet seat, and these can cause multiple diseases such as E. coli. So don’t underestimate the cleaning of the cutting boards, you must do it very well and every time they are used.

You can use paper towels and vinegar to disinfect them and remove germs from their surface. Then, repeat that process and apply 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. As the last step, wash the cutting board with an extra-strong detergent.

Don’t forget the trash can!

You must disinfect your trash can weekly. They contain countless bacteria and germs that can even harm your health or that of your family. Make sure you clean both sides and the lid perfectly.

Clean your toothbrush holder

Last but not least, your toothbrush holder is the dirtiest place in your whole bathroom. Yes, even more than your toilet! It can pick up germs floating around from the toilet, bathtub, people passing by, and from the toothbrushes itselves. So please, pay special attention to it and get it inside the dishwasher once a week, to say the least.

Person washing hands in the bathroom.
Keep your bathroom clean and disinfected, keep your home healthy.

When the health of your family depends on it, why take the risk? Hiring a professional Maryland cleaning service like Fresh Home Cleaning means peace of mind knowing that your home is being sanitized by experts.

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