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How to clean your house after christmas
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How to clean your house after Christmas parties!

Even though we all enjoy a good party, the cleaning up that comes after Christmas day is an unwanted experience. If you were the host of the reunion, it’s very likely that your house is a complete mess. Everything is in the wrong place, the dishes are unwashed, there are probably many ring marks on your furniture, leftovers are all over the place and your carpet might be spilled with wine. But don’t panic!

Here we give you 4 easy ways to clean your house after Christmas day, so you won’t regret partying with your friends and family ever again.

Take care of your refrigerator

One of the benefits of hosting holiday parties is all the leftovers that are left behind. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, your refrigerator will most likely be packed with delicious foods, ranging from turkey and stuffing to pumpkin pies.

However, the downside to this is that if you haven’t been keeping your refrigerator clean, it’s fair to expect that after Christmas it will end up completely messy. We will tell you how to keep your refrigerator squeaky clean in just some simple steps!

Firstly, you might want to turn on a scented candle to cover the smell of soon-to-be-rotten food. Then, you can start emptying one shelf at a time: set everything aside, wipe down, and put the food that’s edible back in the fridge. Check all the expiration dates before doing so to avoid spoiled goods and their odors. It’s important to keep a bucket filled with hot water, a sponge, a trash bag, and towels close to complete the task. Now you are all set to enjoy all the leftovers or give them a makeover without any disagreeable smell!

How to clean your house after christmas

Everything must keep its white!

In case you own white linens, white upholstery, furniture, or even white walls, here’s a trick for you!

Do not disregard your whites, since it’s the first thing that looks dirty in your house. You may be wondering how to clean your house after Christmas and a keep your whites white. Simple! By using a milder cleaner for the walls so that the paint won’t fall off. In case of stains on your upholstery, try applying some cornstarch to them. Lastly, pay special attention to all the problematic spots in your furniture and bedding.

How to clean your house after christmas if you have stains in your carpet!

Did a guest spill wine all over your new carpet? Are there food scraps in it? Quite possibly your floor isn’t as clean as it used to be, but we got you!

If you’re wondering how to include your carpet in your after Christmas cleaning, here are a few tips:

  • For protein-based smudges, use a meat tenderizer mixed with water. You should let it sit for five to ten minutes.
  • White or red wine accidents must be covered with salt, and it’s much more effective if the stain is still fresh!
  • Any other spot your carpet might have will most certainly be removed with white vinegar.

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How to clean your house after christmas

A clean bathroom is a clean house

Figuering out how to clean your house after Christmas, specially the bathroom is a dreaded task, to say the least. Fortunately, we got a shortlist of tips and tricks to make the task way easier. Smudges on your mirror will vanish just by rubbing it in circles with a soft cloth. And in case you’re wondering how to clean your chrome faucets and fixtures, simply use baby oil. Works like magic!

In case extra help is needed, here you’ll encounter more bathroom cleaning-related advice. Don’t hesitate to ask us about any of our cleaning services, Fresh Home Cleaning is here to help!

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