Ever wondered how you can make your own cleaning products? ⁠
Alejandra Zelaya

Alejandra Zelaya

Ever wondered how you can make your own cleaning products? ⁠

Today we are sharing how you can make your own counter cleaner, daily shower spray AND grout cleaner!⁠

1. Home Made Kitchen Counter Cleaner

2 cups of water, ⁠
1 teaspoon of dish-soap ⁠
10 drops of essential oil tea tree⁠

2. Daily Shower Spray

What we mean with daily shower spray – is having a solution in a spray bottle already in your shower that you can simply spray on your shower walls AFTER showering without having to rinse it after. This will prevent soap scum build up!⁠

3. Home Made Grout Cleaner⁠

½ cup of baking soda ⁠
¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide . stir until turns into a runny paste– apply to grout leave for a few minutes and scrub away!⁠

Having clean grout makes all the difference on tile flooring and walls – the tile can be clean but if the grout isn’t clean then its not clean to its full potential! Grout is one thing that is mostly forgotten about – try this easy at home made grout cleaner and let us know how it went!

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