clean your kids room fast and simple
Alejandra Zelaya

Alejandra Zelaya


Do you spend hours upon hours trying to get the crayon marks off the walls and the dust out from under the bed? If so, this guide on how to clean your kids room is for you!

If you have kids, then you know that keeping their room clean is a never-ending battle. But it’s important to do it because a messy room can quickly become a cluttered and chaotic one. Depending on their age you may even get them involved in the cleaning process.

Are you constantly overwhelmed with the endless mess in your kids’ room? Do you feel like it’s impossible to get ahead of the cleaning chores? Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Here is a short guide on how to deep clean your kids room in just a few easy steps.

clean your kids room fast and simple
Cleaning your house with your kid could be fun!

Goodbye, Monster In The Closet!

Fix that scary mess in your kids closet! It’s highly likely that your kid doesn’t put back his or her clothes in the hangers after using it, so either there’s a big pile of clothes sitting in the ground or inside their closet there’s a fight of shirts and pants going on.

Firstly, you must select which garment needs to be washed. After separating those, put every piece of clothing that’s out of place over your kids bed and start matching them with a hanger. This isn’t a difficult chore, so you may even ask your kids for help!

Is your kid still in diapers? Extra cleaning then!

Besides having to be extra organized so you have everything ready for emergencies, you must keep your baby’s changing table and cover extra clean. You should constantly check and wipe it down with soap and water.

Keep a pack or two of wipes in your dresser to save time and clean surfaces. If there is one thing we’ve learned as a cleaning service, it’s how quickly accidents can arise! Keep an empty laundry bin nearby so they don’t get dirty from random things going on around (We’re looking at YOU potty training).

clean your kids room fast and simple

Pick Up Their Toys!

Kids will always be kids, and their toys will always be in the way. In order to thoroughly clean your kids room, you must regularly pick up the toys that he or she has left on the floor.

Make a fun and creative game out of it by offering your kid different incentives for each type of toy. You can use baskets or bins to store big ones, and keep small toys in POP Containers so they’re easy to open for little hands! Tag the outside with labels to know what’s inside – this way you’ll be able watch their minds go at work as they try figuring things like “spaces” (space), “uppers”( upstairs) and more.

The best part about these organizational tools? You don’t have to take up much floor space when storing them away after playtime ends.

clean your kids room fast and simple

Final touch: Make The Bed!

As an essential step when cleaning your house, you must sweep, wipe and dust each sector of it. But this is especially important when you clean your kids room.

After you’re done with this, it’s a nice touch that the bed is put together. You may even try to teach your son or daughter to do it by themselves. It might be a good opportunity to bond with them!

clean your kids room fast and simple

If you want your house to be clean and your kids bedroom to look like a Pinterest board, then you need to hire Fresh Home Cleaning. We’ll take care of everything for you so that your home is always looking its best.

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