How to clean my kitchen
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How to clean my kitchen: A survival guide

Every once in a while, when confronted by a seemingly endless pile of dirty dishes, you might find yourself thinking “I should really clean my kitchen.”

Whether you spend hours a day commuting or have a busy work-from-home schedule, it’s no secret that everyday life allows for little free time. Sometimes you are barely able to have some rushed breakfast, and off you go! Who can spend hours a day to keep their kitchen squeaky clean at all times? However, an orderly kitchen will give a nice boost to your day every time. All the troubles of the world pale in comparison to finding a clean coffee cup and no junk over the counter.

Also, do you struggle to keep your home tidy? Here are our 7 tips on how to keep a clean house while working full time!

How to keep my kitchen organized and clean

“I do clean my kitchen regularly, but I just can’t figure out how to keep my kitchen clean!”

Your kitchen will need a nice, deep cleaning every now and again, and that’s ok; but you can keep things looking fresh by spending just a few minutes a day. Follow these easy steps and you’ll never again feel overwhelmed!

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Keep your sink empty

We’ve talked already about the overwhelming pile of dirty dishes occupying the sink. Don’t let it grow! There’s no need to thoroughly wash your dishes after every single meal: just rinse and stack. Your morning will be easier if you don’t have to deal with an overflowing sink, and a nice stack of dishes will bring an appearance of order and control to your kitchen that’s worlds apart from where you started from.

Dirty dishes - How to keep my kitchen clean.

Organize your counter

When I clean my kitchen, order is key. I don’t want to look at yesterday’s leftover sandwich or a random display of out-of-place utensils, neither when I’m planning on going to bed nor when I still have a tough day ahead of me.

Clearing your counter may take some time the first time you do it, but when you come around to putting everything where it belongs every day, it will only take a couple of minutes from then on; and it’ll make your life much easier!

Sweep the floor

“If only I had the time to clean my kitchen…” But you do!

If you regularly find the need to step around old spillage on your kitchen floor for fear of ruining your socks, things have gone too far. After every cooking session, just grab a washcloth and spend 30 to 40 seconds scrubbing, if that’s all the time you have. Just don’t let that stain sit there for a week!

Man sweeping the floor - How to keep my kitchen clean.

Pick up the trash, and empty the trashcan!

Nothing gives a better first impression than a clean and organized space. In contrast, you won’t really be able to explain the unpleasant smell from an overflowing trash bag if you have unexpected company. “I couldn’t figure out how to keep my kitchen clean” just won’t do.

As before, the secret lies in not letting the situation reach such dire limits. Don’t fill your trash bags up to the brim, and empty your trash can at least every two days. This way you’ll be able to keep your kitchen looking and smelling pleasantly for a longer time!

Any extra tips on how to clean my kitchen?

As stated, following a simple routine will make all the difference when it comes to keeping your kitchen fresh and organized. You don’t need to spend hours a day on cleaning duty; you can make your life much more comfortable using only a small fraction of your time! It’s not always easy, but there’s a bunch of stuff you can do to keep yourself motivated.

Remember: a larger household means more hands available for cleaning. Recruit everyone around the house, and keeping your kitchen clean will be a breeze! You can even put together a little kitchen-cleaning playlist: singing along to your favorite songs makes any task more appealing.

This guide is designed to help you with the daily maintenance of your kitchen, but it won’t take away the need to give it a more thorough cleaning every once in a while. Whenever that need comes, or if you need a little help to kickstart your routine, we are here for you!

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